Painting the Roseate Spoonbill

The roseate spoonbill happens to be my mom's favorite bird, and I made this painting specifically for her. While the great blue heron and snowy egret are far more common in South Carolina's Low Country than the spoonbill, one can occasionally catch a glimpse of this graceful, pink bird on our lagoons and waterways. It derives its name from its color (similar to the flamingo's) and the shape of its bill, which widens and flattens toward the tip, resembling a spoon. The spoonbill uses its uniquely shaped beak to scoop through the mud in search of small fish, frogs, crustaceans, and insects. Their wingspan can exceed four feet across, and unlike herons, they fly with straightened necks. Hopefully, you'll all be able to experience this beautiful bird in the wild. Until then, you can bring the beauty of this unique animal into your home with this print of an original water color by Leli Holmes and Breadcrumbs Paper Company. Check out the video below to see the painting take shape.


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