About Breadcrumbs Paper Company

Welcome to Breadcrumbs Paper Company. I hope you enjoy my humble attempt to capture the truth of Scripture and the beauty of the Low Country in my artwork. While I've lived in magical Bluffton, South Carolina, for about 9 years, my desire to create art that shares messages of hope to mark the path goes back much further. I've always doodled, drawn, and painted, but it wasn't until 2017 that I began a concerted effort to grow my passion into a business. And so, Breadcrumbs Paper Company was born.

It's been a learning process for sure, getting my art into stores, setting up websites, applying for licenses, you name it. More than once I've needed the words in my paintings for my own encouragement. And so, in the midst of homeschooling two of my children, running to soccer games for another, and taking care of a home, I keep creating more, motivated by a love for my Savior and for others. Thank you for stopping by, and I do genuinely hope that these words and images bring hope to you and those you love.